Lily Sofa

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Lily Sofa in Lagos Nigeria

Lily Sofa is a center piece for fun and luxurious living room. This particular living room furniture is designed in such a way that it gives one happiness whenever you come into your home. This settee is one of our sofa sets that disrupt the status quo of the furniture industry. It brings creativity and ingenuity to the interior world. You’ll love this sofa in your living room and the relaxing nature on this sofa and soft microfiber fabric and Leather gives one a different experience entirely.
This sofa set adds drama to the room by bringing out the hidden beauty of the room that people hardly see. The couch comes in fabric or in leather form. It depends on the customer’s choice. We use Quality fabric and also stocked leather, semi-skin or animal skin leather. Everything boils down to the customer and his choice. Here, the customer is KING.
This sofa set is a latest sofa design that meet the modern day need that add beauty to the living room and gives the room a better look. With this eye-catching Leather seat, style, comfort and durability are yours to enjoy as long as you use mcgankons furniture.
The couch is clean, simple styling makes decorating easy, and the soft, durable Leather feels like suede and wears like iron. The frame is less likely to split or crack for years of lasting comfort. Customer get that special feelings as long as you use our sofa set. With our wealth of experience over the years, we give you good and quality finishing that you hardly find somewhere else. When you talk about aesthetics, just leave that to us. Our upholstery is something that is out of this world. For us at mcgankons, our work speak for us.
We deliver to any part of the country within a short period of time.
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