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Sofa in Lagos Nigeria

Mcgankons supplies quality sofa in Lagos Nigeria. It’s actually great to work in a place where you spend your leisure time sitting on cool chairs. Or You are looking for a chair set to make your living room a perfect one. You are at the right place.
We work with residential and commercial projects and offer a host of services. We help clients select wallpaper, curtains & blinds, furniture design. Shop on online furniture store in Lagos, refurbishing and installation.
Furthermore, we love the whole process of transformation and are very happy to speak to clients on the phone or at the factory.
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What Style to Choose?
The many different types of sofa in Lagos Nigeria available are categorized by overall silhouette, arm style and back shape. Your décor preferences will drive the choice among the types because they have varying levels of formality. You also need to consider the style of your space and how much you will use the settee.
CHESTERFIELD SOFA IN LAGOS NIGERIA: The chesterfield is known for its “quilted” or “tufted” style. The chair is a classic design that has a deeply tufted back. Traditionally, the arms are rolled and the backrest had nailheads, however, modern designers are constantly coming up with fresh takes on the basic design. Chesterfield continues to be a popular style with current settee in Lagos Nigeria.
MODULAR OR SECTIONAL SOFA IN LAGOS NIGERIA: As houses and families grew larger, so did couches, giving rise to the ever-popular sectional or modular designs. These types of couches are actually a combination of smaller settee in Lagos Nigeria units that can be combined in different configurations and sizes. Sectional sofa in Lagos Nigeria provide more flexibility in furniture arrangement and room configuration. Sometimes, a sectional is more useful in a compact space because the arrangement can be less linear. Sectionals have a more casual vibe and are most often found in family and rec rooms where people gather to watch television or play games. Sectional sets are a good option for contemporary rooms with high ceilings or lot of windows. They are also great for filling up large spaces, especially in formal areas; they aren’t the best choice for small interiors or powerful personalities.
THE ARMCHAIR IN LAGOS NIGERIA: armchairs come in all shapes and sizes, almost like a luxury sofa in Lagos Nigeria for a single person.
MID-CENTURY MODERN SOFA in Lagos Nigeria: The chair attributed to this style usually have a streamlined form with low, often square legs. However, expect many variations. With the recent surge in popularity of the Mid-Century Modern design genre, this style is hot. These are very versatile types of couches and are most often used in a minimalist or mid-century design scheme. They are great for adding a retro feel to any room. Exposed legs and a linear structure and characteristic of this style.
LOVESEAT IN LAGOS NIGERIA: Actually, a modern loveseat is a smaller version of a sofa in Lagos Nigeria and often it is sold as a matching piece with many types of couches. In addition to being a companion piece of furniture, people who live in small spaces who still want a two-seater can opt for a loveseat instead of a full couch.
SOFA BED IN LAGOS NIGERIA: These types of couches look like a regular model, but the seat – usually the part under the cushions — folds out into a full-size bed. The issue of comfort is a big one because many of these use a thin mattress for the sleeping surface and the support structure can usually be felt through the padding. Today’s options such as inflatable air mattresses are a more comfortable choice for the occasional house guest.
HIGH BACK SOFA in Lagos Nigeria: has a backrest is higher than the armrests. This is a very common silhouette that can be used in formal as well as casual settings. The upholstery and arm design determine the particular design and level of formality for the piece.
RETRO SQUARE ARM SOFA in Lagos Nigeria: Squared off arms on a chair immediately give the piece a clean, retro look. A square-arm design takes on a completely different look when combined with a slipcover, skirting, or a style where the frame extends to the floor. Whether it’s a vintage piece you reupholster or a new reproduction, these types of couches are extremely versatile for a more formal living room space or a comfortable family room. It is sometimes called a track arm sofa in Lagos Nigeria as well.
NO ARM SOFA IN LAGOS NIGERIA: These modern types of couches don’t have any arms at all. The styles are varied, from those that have a mid-century modern flair to a chesterfield style that is tufted across the back or whole couch. These types of couches can also be low slung and sit directly on the floor, a bit reminiscent of sitting on Middle Eastern style cushions. Designs without arms are extremely chic with little pretense. They are perfect for a minimalist living room or a family room made for lounging.
SEVEN SEATER SOFA IN LAGOS NIGERIA: comes in the configuration of 3,2,1,1. That’s 3 seater, two seater and two single seater. However this configuration can change depending on your choice. Seven seater is good for family and large living space. The total number of people this chair can accommodate is seven.
L SHAPE SOFA IN LAGOS NIGERIA: When the term sectional comes up, most people immediately picture a huge L-shaped couch that takes up most of the living room. L Shape sofa in Lagos Nigeria are build in form of letter L. A common L shape chair can accommodate six people.
CORNER SOFA IN LAGOS NIGERIA: this is another set of trending chair. It’s comes in the shape of L or U shape. It is sometimes referred to as  U shape or L shape. A common U shape sofa in Lagos Nigeria can sit up to eight people.
U SHAPE SOFA IN LAGOS NIGERIA: this is a large Settee. As the name implies, it comes in form of letter U. Also, it is good for family and large living space. It can also accommodate more than eight people.
LEATHER SOFA IN LAGOS NIGERIA: with its sleek and classic appearance, adds certain elegance to the room. You will hardly achieve the same effect with fabrics. The leather sofas in Lagos Nigeria are hypoallergenic, which makes them appropriate for people with allergies.
FABRIC SOFA IN LAGOS NIGERIA: There are many factors that determine the comfort of furniture. The type of textile and the support system, such as cushions and frames play a huge role. In this case, the fabric pieces are more comfortable than their leather counterparts for several reasons. The main one is that fabric is overall more comfortable than leather. Like your car seat, leather absorbs heat faster than fabric. The same is with leather furniture, it will feel warm after sitting on it for a while. Leather furniture however, are firmer than the fabric ones.
OFFICE SOFA IN LAGOS NIGERIA: is good as visitors or reception chairs. It provides ample sitting room for your clients and other visitors. While some small offices may only need a couple of chairs in their waiting areas., many other businesses will find it beneficial to offer visitors a greater amount of seating. Couches and loveseats are an ideal choice for offices that receive regular traffic, particularly if your clientele includes families or client groups. A clean, attractive chair will add to the welcoming atmosphere of your reception area. I will as well allow visitors to feel at ease while they wait.