Laminated Reception Table


Laminated Reception Table

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Laminated Reception Table in Lagos Nigeria

Laminated Reception Table is a center piece for fun and luxurious office. This particular furniture is designed in such a way that it gives one happiness whenever you come into the office. This set of furniture disrupts the status quo of the furniture industry. It brings creativity and ingenuity to the interior world. You’ll love this counter in your office whenever you come in.
Update your spaces with commercial grade reception furniture. This fashionable center in clean contemporary design includes all the pieces illustrated in the image for a multi-functional, practical and efficient contemporary reception center. It is commercial grade, with melamine lamination, high impact edges, completely finished edges front and back and bottom for high activity office use. It is a fashionable style with fresh colors to combine with your fresh business ideas. Just order, quickly assemble with basic tools, set up, transform the look of your lobby area and welcome your visitors to a modern and contemporary office space.
Laminated Reception Table in Lagos Nigeria adds drama to the office by bringing out the hidden beauty of the place that people hardly see. It can be produced with particle board, MDF or HDF. It depends on the customer’s choice. However, we offer professional advice to the client before using any type of wood for him either locally made wood or foreign, treated and laminated boards.
Mcgankons furniture is a specialized company in designing and production of furniture of any type. With this eye-catching design, you enjoy a wonderful moment any time especially amidst visitors. Hence, the need to give an order straight away for this beautiful furniture without much delay.
Laminated Reception Table in Lagos Nigeris is a front furniture piece that is simple and beautiful which makes decorating easy. The frame is less likely to split or crack for years of lasting use. Customer get that special feelings as long as you use our furniture set. With our wealth of experience over the years, we give you good and quality finishing that you hardly find somewhere else. When you talk about aesthetics, just leave that to us. Our finishing is something that is out of this world, it can’t be told all here,  it is story of another day. For us at mcgankons, our work speak for us. Hence, the need to make an order with us.


We deliver to any part of the country within a short period of time.
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