Arianna Bed

MC 0059BD Arianna Bed
MC 0059BD Arianna Bed

Arianna Bed

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Arianna Bed in Lagos Nigeria

The size of your mattress and frame are designed to match up perfectly, so there shouldn’t be any sizing surprises. If you’re sharing your bed, sizing will play a big part in creating an agreeable sleeping environment for you and your partner. Avoid the discomfort of dangling feet over the end of the mattress by buying a frame that is 10-20cm longer than the tallest user, and allow enough width for elbow room for two.
Arianna Bed frame is the product of creativity and dedication of our team that came up with this new design! Therefore, buy the latest Arianna bed in Nigeria that comes with modern design from our web site. Mcgankons furniture is an expert company that specialises in designing and production of furniture of any type. With our wealth of experience, we bring designs that disrupt the status quo of olden days furniture and interior world. This Arianna bed is built with the idea of giving your room a good look by occupying little space in your house. Our living room furniture can withstand heat and water. Our product can also fit in with any size of room especially now that rooms that are constructed are mostly small rooms.
This product adds drama to the room by bringing out the hidden beauty of the room that people hardly see. It comes in different colours. It depends on the customer’s choice. We use Quality boards in the production of our frames. They have the capacity of carrying any weight of a person or a grown up person.
Think of fashionable headboard. It add beauty to the room and also allows great support. Further more, it can be produced in any colour of your choice. We deliver within a short period of time.
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