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Wardrobe Buying Guide in Nigeria

Wardrobe Buying Guide in Lagos | Wardrobe Buying Guide in Nigeria

A wardrobe is a large tall cupboard or recess in which clothes may be hung or stored. Wardrobes come in different heights, widths and colours, in this article we will be sharing with you some importance of wardrobes to look out for when buying a wardrobe.


Importance of wardrobes

  1. Wardrobes play an important role in keeping things well organised:

Instead of having things thrown all over the place and disorganised war5drobes help to keep your belongings organised and easily accessible.

  1. Wardrobes enhance the overall look of the entire room:

Having a wardrobe that fits the interior décor of the room enhances the overall look of the room. Wardrobes come in different colours so try as much as possible to make the wardrobe fit the interior décor for the best effect.


Tips to look out for when buying a wardrobe

  1. Measure the space the wardrobe will fit into

This first step seems so obvious yet a lot of people forego this step and end up with a wardrobe       too large that it can’t fit into the assigned space or too small that the wardrobe is dwarfed by the room and looks misplaced in the room.


  1. Calculate your storage needs

The wardrobe should be able to contain all of your clothes so the amount of clothes you have should also be taken into consideration as theirs will affect the design and size of your wardrobe. It should be a no brainer that if you have a lot of clothes, your wardrobe design will have more drawers. Your wardrobe should be constructed specifically for your needs.

  1. Colours and materials

The colour of the wardrobe should match properly with the interior décor of the room. If you are confused about this look at the interior décor and pick from the colour you have used the most.

The material of the wardrobe should also reflect the style of the interior décor of the room. The material used should be durable as there are different types of woods used in the construction of wardrobes. I will advise you to use durable materials even though the price may be a little higher than the others you have the assurance that the materials are durable hence it won’t collapse.

  1. Pick the right contractor for the project

Last but not the least I’ll advise you to use the right contractor who can execute your ideas perfectly and give you that wardrobe that’s yours and yours alone to accommodate all your needs and we at mcgankons furniture can build your dream wardrobe that is yours and yours alone using durable materials, your sense of style and your personality shining through it!!!!

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